Music Art Project implements El Sistema’s fundamentals in already existing school infrastructure. Our main program trains local music teachers in El Sistema methods and principals and helps them implement them into after school programs and the regular school day. However, our flexible strategies and framework provide opportunities for complementary projects, such as collaboration with other creative education and social inclusion organizations.

Each participating city manages autonomous ‘nucleos’, or micro-programs, so that they are better able to address specific community and student needs. These nucleos receive support from the core organizers in Belgrade, but are otherwise free to manage the day-to-day operations of their music classes.

MAP’s international program organizes international summer camps, concerts and tours for young Serbian musicians through our global El Sistema partners. This program gives Serbian children an opportunity to travel and meet their peers from different cultures, in different countries. They showcase their abilities to the international public and represent a positive image of Serbia’s young generation.

For more details about program activities please contact our program director Djurdja Papazoglu through our contact page.

For information regarding our seminars and master classes visit this link.

Our newsfeed gives you updates on current programs, upcoming concerts and international tours.

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