Erasmus+ projekat "Pinokio se pridružuje orkestru" na festivalu Imaginarius u Portugalu

Festival "Imaginarius" je jedan od najzanimljvijih internacionalnih festivala u Portugalu, koji svake godine okuplja preko 400 učesnika iz 17 zemalja sveta.

Koncert povodom Dana Evrope u Istanbulu

Istanbul - grad na dva kontinenta, bogat istorijom i tradicijom brojnih naroda i kultura - bio je domaćin neponovljivom muzičkom događaju koji su povodom Dana Evrope priredili mladi muzičari El Sisteme.

Samba i Bitlsi zatvorili Guitar Art

U sredu 21. marta Veliku salu Doma omladine ispunili su vreli latino ritmovi i zvuk pljeskanja publike koja je došla da isprati učešće našeg orkestra na zatvaranju sada već 19. po redu Guitar Art Festivala.

Novi Sad Beograd Obrenovac Jagodina Ćuprija Paraćin

“As well as being a very good time, I learned a lot. I learned that we should have faith in ourselves and overcome stage fright, nothing should scare me.”

Milja Knežević, 6th grade

"We got a big round of applause which gave us the confidence and desire for further work. For me, this event has left a strong impression and I feel that I'm doing all this, with the orchestra in my music school, and it leads to my goal... My time with the orchestra gives me confidence and leads me to my chosen career, to play the violin professionally.”   Anđela Ivanović, 5th grade

"From all hours of orchestra practice, I pulled the lesson that one should never give up and to always go forward."

Anastasija Blagojević, 4th grade

El Sistema International

El Sistema is an education model that uses music as a tool. It is a program of social inclusion and cultural transformation that reaches out to vulnerable social groups. Music is a key to the spiritual and emotional. Its spontaneity touches every individual, no matter their background. It is a gateway to empathy as well as achievement. By accessing these fundamental aspects of the human condition El Sistema participants realize their potential. From the moment a child learns to play an instrument, he or she is no longer poor - the richness of life becomes manifest in the first twang of a string or bang of a drum. El Sistema helps children and young people achieve their full potential and acquire values for personal development that have a positive impact on society.

Dr. Jose Antonio Abreu founded the El Sistema methodology in 1975. Since then the program has spread to over 60 countries and helped over four million children. Dr. Abreu's vision is that "Music should be recognized as a factor of social development in the highest sense, because it transmits the highest values - solidarity, harmony and mutual compassion. It also has the ability to unite the whole community and to express sublime feelings". His innovative approach harnesses music's power to transcend the barriers between people. The program does not push "correctness" or "perfection" but rather passion, love, empathy, and the joy of life. This is done by teaching children as an ensemble and providing teachers with professional development. Through this shared experience children and teachers inspire each other and learn to collaborate and achieve.

El Sistema in Serbia is founded on the same principles propounded by Dr. Jose Antonio Abreu, but also incorporates Serbia’s rich musical traditions and distinctive culture. Serbia's El Sistema initiative, called Music Art Project, or "MAP" for short, recognizes the need for creative thinking in Serbian society. It is a time of struggle and renewal and the weight of the future rests heavy on the shoulders of the next generation. MAP - El Sistema Serbia aims to alleviate this burden by giving students from all backgrounds the tools to thrive. This initiative is supported in Serbia by renowned musician Francisco Pacho Flores, Marijana Miljanovic, Bruno Campo, Placido Domingo and other established musicians. The El Sistema methodology is endorsed throughout the world by many accomplished artists.

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